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F’d Up Issue of the Week ending 04/24/10
By: Date: April 26, 2010 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines,Airports,F'd Up Issue of the Week Tags: , , , , ,

This week’s winner for f’d up issue of the week is actually something behind the scenes.  Let me paint the picture, using my own horror stories from the past weekend, and you’ll understand what I mean. Chicago O’Hare. Famous for delays and such, right? Move in a little bit of weather, and one of the…

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Attn LCCs: WTF else do you want?
By: Date: April 22, 2010 Categories: Airlines Tags: , , , , ,

So people give LCCs (low cost carriers) a rash of shit.  And you know what?  It’s worth it.  RyanAir wants to charge people £1 or €1 to use the onboard bathroom, and wants to take away most bathrooms onboard to make room for more seats.  Spirit Air first infuriated everyone by wanting to charge up…

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I know I don’t run an airline…
By: Date: April 20, 2010 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines,Airports Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

…and I don’t know all of the regulations that exist country to country about flight termination, carrying within another country, etc.  I do know how it works here in the United States, though.  A foreign carrier can fly between two US destinations, but they cannot pick up anyone at the first destination to take to…

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Excellent article on Airlines from
By: Date: April 19, 2010 Categories: Airlines Tags: , , , ,

There is a really excellent article on “which airline should you choose?” posted over at  It goes through four different aspects of air travel, and tells you what airlines do good, and what airlines do bad. Seriously – can things get any worse for Spirit Airlines?  They are getting a ton of bad press…

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