Freedom Of Expression v. The TSA

And who wins?  Freedom of Expression!

Remember a few months back when there was a guy who protested the TSA by stripping naked in the middle of Portland International Airport?  Well he went to trial on indecency charges, and they were dropped by the judge.

I can’t believe they even bothered to take the guy to trial, but they did.  But there’s a ruling in Oregon that freedom of speech/freedom of expression can include being naked, and that’s why the judge threw the charges out.

One for the good guys!

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Proof that there is a hell…

…and it’s at the Orlando international Airport.

Seems someone was traveling with their grandfather’s ashes in a properly marked glass container when their bag was subject to a “bag check” by the TSA.  The TSA agent opened the jar and promptly spilled about 25% of John Gross’ grandfather’s remains.  What’s the worst part?  The agent laughed.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be mortified.  First, I wouldn’t have opened the jar to begin with; no sane person would.  But we all know sanity isn’t a strongpoint for the TSA.  And if I was stupid enough to open the ashes and spill them, I sure as hell wouldn’t laugh about it!

And you know what’s even more sad?  This part of the article and quote from the wronged family member:

The TSA agent kept laughing without offering help, he said. And passengers waiting to get their bags were stalled behind him as he spent 10 to 15 seconds on his knees grabbing what he could, Gross said.

“I didn’t want to cause a scene because I didn’t want them to throw me off my flight or put me on the no-fly list,” said Gross, 30, a restaurant manager. “It didn’t really hit me until I got on the plane.”

Mentally abused to the point of not responding to the TSA Asshat’s laughter and being afraid to speak up because the TSA might put you on their “no fly list”?  Jeez…

So yes, Virginia.  There is a hell.  Because if my remains were scattered about TSA agents, I’d be in hell, too.

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