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Dear TSA: WTF?
By: Date: September 4, 2012 Categories: Airports,TSA Tags: , , , ,

This is frustrating…  People – including me – have gone off about the TSA and their ‘porno scanners’; what an invasion of privacy they are, how unsafe they are, and the like.  A judge ordered that the TSA was supposed to hold public comments, so that we could hear from people and experts.  You know,…

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Backscatter Machine Information
By: Date: November 19, 2011 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , , , , ,

This is pretty incredible.  Mashable.com took on “The Science Behind Airport Body Scanners” and did a pretty good job at explaining them.  It’s a pretty damned good article, and you should read it.  But if you only read one sentence, it’s this: No conclusive studies have been conducted that confirm that backscatter X-ray security scanners…

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