Month: November 2011

HRC Rankings of Airlines, Hotels, etc. and a Word about United
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For those of you that aren’t familiar, HRC stands for The Human Rights Campaign, which is the leading LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) rights organization.  Okay, so you’re not part of the LGBT community.  That’s fine.  There’s 10% of the population that is, and there are people who will often choose organizations based on their…

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Add PDX to the Porno Scanner List
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I flew out of Portland International yesterday, and was really unhappy to see that the porno scanners have been installed, at least at the ABC checkpoint.  A couple of things. Like I posted before, the technology these machines use has not been proven to be safe for commercial use. There are only 3 scanners for…

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Backscatter Machine Information
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This is pretty incredible. took on “The Science Behind Airport Body Scanners” and did a pretty good job at explaining them.  It’s a pretty damned good article, and you should read it.  But if you only read one sentence, it’s this: No conclusive studies have been conducted that confirm that backscatter X-ray security scanners…

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