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By: Date: August 13, 2013 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , ,

So apparently you can get arrested for having sex on a commercial airplane.  That part’s not news, nor does it surprise me.  But what does surprise me was that it was oral sex – IN COACH. Now the couple in question allegedly repeatedly engaged in oral sex on an Allegiant flight from Medford to Las Vegas.  If…

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My first prediction: There will be blood!
By: Date: June 27, 2012 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines Tags: , , , ,

So it turns out that Delta is trying out a self-boarding process in Las Vegas and Atlanta.  I don’t know how the damn thing works, but it’s to “free up the boarding agents to deal with passengers other issues”. Translation: We can fire more people and make more money. This is gonna be ugly, I…

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