Okay, so we’re going SEA -> ORD.  That route TYPICALLY takes us over the United States.  I mean it’s not like we’re detouring over the Yukon Territories or anything.  So I go to check my Facebook page and I get this:

No Internet Available

100 miles from the US Boarder?  No…  Below 10,000 feet?  No, we’re at 32,000 feet.  Ooh.  Because we’re of bumfuck Montana, where there only exists sheep and other beasties, and not a satellite tower in place.  sigh This is why ground based internet services, like GoGo Inflight Internet, ultimately suck, and satellite based internet services, like Row44, don’t suck.

Oh, and once it did come back, 10 minutes later, I finally read GoGo’s welcome message:

No Porn Please!

Like that?  Read it again:

Please be aware that the content you browse may be visible to passengers around you.


No porn please!

By walterh

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