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Good roundup of TSA shenanigans

While work’s been…odd as of late, I haven’t had a lot of time to post.  Plus I’ve been home for 3 weeks (the longest I’ve been home for 8+ years).  But I’ve been keeping up with most of what’s going on out there with regards to the TSA crap – the backscatter porn cum cancer machines, and the new “I’m gonna touch your junk” searches.  One of the best articles that keeps most of these stories in one place can be found over here at Shakesville.

What you (probably) haven’t seen, though is what Secretary of State Clinton said.  Yes, she towed the line of it being “a necessary evil.”  But she also said she’d avoid a TSA patdown.  Score one for our side.

I kinda regret that Portland International doesn’t have these cancer machines yet, just so I can opt out, scream “Don’t touch my junk”, and file criminal charges against the TSA agent that touched me.

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Guess what the TSA has been doing?

Okay, not the entire TSA, but one TSA officer.  One really, really, really stupid TSA officer.  While he was supposed to be working as a “bomb appraisal officer”, he decided to pull pranks on travelers as they came through security.  Seriously.  Example:

As one passenger gathered their belongings (which had just emerged from an X-ray machine), the TSA worker displayed a “small vial of white powder” and asked, “Did this come out of your bag?” When the passenger replied, “No,” the officer asked, “Are you sure?” The traveler, according to a TSA memo, said, “Yea, I’m pretty sure,” and began to laugh. “Okay, just wanted to make sure. Have a nice flight,” the officer replied.

Seriously, WTF dude?  Are you that stupid?  Yeah, I suppose you are.  At least it’s not as bad as the time I went through TSA at Burbank Airport with Scary Spice behind me — and half the TSA staff abandoned their posts to fawn all over her.

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Rental cars: Hertz – 30 minutes, Budget – 18 seconds

I think the headline pretty much says it all.  I rented a car last week and this week.  My rental experiences were quite varied.  When Hertz sent me a survey asking about my rental, I responded.  I think this pretty much sums everything up:

Hertz Survey Response

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