Well, I’ve abandoned my usual Alaska Air to fly on US Airways for a few weeks, just for a little exposure. Thing is, I’m not all that impressed…

I did choose to pay for my Gold status (a trial for $400) on US Airways, which has given me a first class upgrade on my first flight. But so far, that’s my only perk.

Yes, I’m leaving on a Monday morning, at the buttcrack of dawn, but it’s a Monday. I’d planned on doing a couple of hours of work to make up for not being on site first thing Monday morning, but that’s out of the question since there’s no WiFi on the plane. Oh well… Maybe I’ll have breakfast.

Oh wait. There’s no meal, nor is there food for sale. Seriously.

But there is a blanket and pillow – if you want e. coli or the bird flu.

Missed amenities, and unwelcome ones. This is gonna be a long few weeks.


By walterh

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