So I get these teaser headlines (thank you Google news alerts!) about certain topics that I may miss from elsewhere.  And today’s teaser headline was:

Boeing Planning To Ramp Up In-Flight Calling, Wi-Fi And Entertainment


Sure, airports are filled with noisy people who are on speakerphone conference calls, loud salesmen, etc.  But usually your time in the air is your “quiet time”, especially on longer flights.  So why in the hell would Boeing want to enable people to bring the noisy airport environment into the airplane?

Last Sunday night, I already had the loudest man of all time bellowing loudly about just about any subject to every single person around him (including the guy next to him who clearly didn’t want to talk based on his actions of turning away, putting earphones in, etc).  Can you imagine that guy on a conference call?  And what about those people who decide to put you on speaker?

You want to create a revolt?  Enable cellphone use in the air, and we’ll not only have a revolt, but we’ll be tossing bodies out of airplanes from 35,000 feet.

The only thing good about the linked story is the picture of the beautiful 747-800.  That, and better Wi-Fi options.  But that’s it!

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