Does it come to anyone’s surprise that the F’d up travel story of the week is the Icelandic Volcano?  I mean, this thing has been wreaking havoc with air travel, albeit air travel from most of the European continent, and travel to/from the United States.  Thankfully, there is little fallout – if any – for air travel within the United States.  We have the busiest travel market of the whole world, so if it doesn’t disrupt the US market, it won’t affect the whole world.  You know the old saying – if the US sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold, etc, etc.  Same thing with travel disruptions.

The thing that’s really F’d up about this is that British Airways, among others, are performing “test flights” to see just how well they can travel in the ash, and resume flights.  Really?  Hey British Airways.  Remember flight 009 back in June 1982?  Flight 009 was a flight to Australia, operated by British Airways.  It involved smoke in the plane, brilliant lights, and engine shut down with plunging towards the Indian Ocean – with the engines coming back online just minutes before certain death.  Oh yeah, what was the cause of all of that havoc?  VOLCANIC ASH, YOU MORONS!

If you’re interested, National Geographic did a great tele-drama about BA 009.  You can read about it here, or you can just watch the clip from the show below.

By walterh

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