OMFG.  Like piss-seat wheelchair Grannie isn’t already confused enough, but the TSA has to go through and confuse people even more.  What else is new?

So the Apple iPad has been acquired by quite a few people, and they’re showing up in people’s bags for travel.  People already don’t know how to deal with their electronic equipment and liquids, lubricants, and pastes as is, so the TSA tries to make it easier for you.  Easier?  Oh hell no.

People like me who travel every week have the TSA lines worked out pretty well.  We have a routine and stick with it.  But people like Grannie are befuddled easily are just going to get confused, because the TSA isn’t always forthcoming with correct information.  3 ounces or 3.4 ounces?  Quart, sandwich, or gallon baggie?  And hell, even if you get it wrong, the TSA usually looks the other way.  This type of crap is what is so maddening.

So the TSA comes out with a new guideline for Apple iPads.  They say that they can stay in people’s bags during the magical X-Ray experience.  But if people are traveling with just the iPad, is that going to stay the case?  Or is the TSA going to change their mind and need it X-Rayed?  And what about your other electronics?  Just to keep the TSA off my back every week, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of electronic equipment comes out of my bag and gets put into a bin for scanning.  I did this after the TSA took my bag for “additional screening”, yelled at me for carrying “too much electronic equipment”, and took my bag away for ten minutes – with it out of visual range for so long that I had no idea if they were handing out treats from my bag to other travelers or whatnot – and THEN not telling me when they were done and instead just leaving my bag in a secure area.  Oh, I’m sorry – I’m supposed to use my super-psychic abilities to read the minds of TSA agents?

So TSA, stop with the guidelines and try and keep it simple.  You’ll still confuse people, but at least you’ll be consistent.

By walterh

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