BLAH! So I’ve talked about the TSA quite a bit, and what a joke I think they are. After all, what about all of the stuff they COULD stop but haven’t? But today, even though I think something is up, the TSA is officially ‘going through the motions’ and of course, being the douches they normally are – and pissing me off.

So I mentioned my problem with the TSA here at the GRR airport before, and how they allowed a security breach to occur, but did nothing about it.  So you can imagine that if they don’t take their job seriously, I can’t take them serious.  I get up to the TSA line and an agent approaches me.  (WTF, do I look approachable or something?) They say, “Excuse me. Please hold out your hands so I can swab them.”  Swab?  And WTF am I the only one being swabbed out of a group of people?  And WTF are they trying to do, anyway?

That said, there is something going on out there.  Driving into the airport, there were two agents standing scanning cars as they were approaching the terminal.  There were others wandering around (other than looking dumb, like usual).  And then the hand-swabbing.  I tell you, there is something going on the public doesn’t know.  I’ll have to start digging around.

By walterh

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