So you know that I’ve been pretty snarky when it comes to run-ins with the TSA.  Sometimes the agents surprise me and are just as wary of the scanners, or start up with a joke, so it’s good.  But more often than should be, they’re angry, bitter people.  When I said I didn’t respect the body scanners, one agent put his hands on his hips and said, “Well then why don’t you write a letter to your liberal president and tell him.”  Petulant, much?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I floated the idea of, then implemented a website where people can share their run-ins with the TSA.  Just yesterday I had a doozie in the Portland, Oregon airport and blogged about it over here.  And if you have a story you want to tell, you can as well.  We have a form over at that you can anonymously submit your own stories (click on this link) or you can just read through other stories the traveling public has been put through.

Join in!

By walterh

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