Okay, so yes, I’m a bit addicted to flying.  I’m a million miler (I hit 1 million miles flown in 2011), and yes – I fly for work, and when I go on vacation, I get on a plane, too.

But there’s something that’s worrying me lately.  The Airbus A380 – probably the most talked about plane since the Wright Brothers took to the sky, and the Boeing 787 both have their issues.  And it’s making me happier that I’m flying the old reliable B737 for almost all of my flights.

First, the A380 had engine problems.  Like engines basically blowing up in flight.  Then come the  reports about the “really not important cracks in the wings” (but they did say that if they weren’t treated, that it could “cause structural integrity of the airplane.  DUH!).  And now there’s a delaminating problem on the B787.  What’s delaminating, you ask?  It’s where the pieces of carbon fiber that have been laminated together come unlaminated.  Ummm, isn’t that kinda like wing cracks?

Whatever…  Right now, I’m kinda happy to be flying the B737.  They’re not called the workhorse of the sky for nothing!

By walterh

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