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Oh racism, my old enemy – AirSnark

So you’ve probably heard about the TSA agent at JFK Airport in New York who didn’t realize his  metal detector was off, right?  If not, have at it – the “exclusive” is over here at the New York Post.

Now I’m no friend of the TSA.  Even when I say something nice about them, I counter it with a criticism, so you know I’m critical of them.  But that’s because of their rude, nasty attitudes and their perceived incompetence.  It has nothing to do with the color of their skin or their ethnic backgrounds.  But as soon as I’d heard about this story, I knew I wanted to follow it.  Why?  Because the TSA agent in question’s name is Alija Abdul Majed.

Whoa… Sounds foreigny and therefore scary, right?  ::facepalm::

Trek on over to the New York Post.  Or if you want, you can read the whole racist-filled rants right here.  I’ve even highlighted the worst of them.  And this was just the first batch; there were more than 100 more to go!

New York Post Racist Comments

By walterh

3 thoughts on “Oh racism, my old enemy”
  1. “racist filled rants”
    Since when has Islam been considered a race?   Or are you an ignorant racist for only thinking one race adheres to the edicts of the Koran and the Hadith?

  2. The term “racist” is used by me as a generalization to those people who hold racist-like attitudes. I tend to use it for those small-minded individuals like the Westboro Baptist Church who protest soldiers and gay people, or people like the small-minded ones that posted the hate fill remarks in response to the Post story.

    And all you’re doing – besides attacking me – is playing semantics. That gets you nowhere. These people are still small minded and hateful.

  3. Isn’t a racist one who generalizes about a race of people,
    often resulting in a dislike for a race of people generally, or promotion of
    one race over another?  But if we can now loosely use the term racist as a
    generalization about people who are small minded, then perhaps you may be
    interested in the following excerpt  by a blogger who
    goes by CheshireCat —
    “The Race Card is the most rapid-fire, all purpose, over used and
    abused, ad hominem and vapid weapon of smear, mass deception, diversion and
    greed ever conceived by man. It is a weapon under which the most feeble minds
    are servilely crouched and can be played with the greatest of ease by even the
    most reason and integrity challenged, and in fact, was designed especially for
    use by them. It is void of justice. It is void of liberty. It needs no footing
    in rationality. It is, in plain and clear fact, similar to a lynching. At times
    it is the last refuge of scoundrels and at other times the first as they
    attempt to murder freedom of speech.

    The correct term you were looking for in your blog is religious bigot.  I am not a
    racist, I see not how skin color or country of origin, on their own, affects
    one’s thought potential.  But I am an atheist and in certain instances, a
    vigorous religious bigot.  I am openly intolerant of believers …not
    thoughtful, humble, tolerant believers (many of whom I cherish and respect),
    but believers whom wish to impose their belief system on me, whether it be
    Baptists or Evangelicals or Mormons who want to tell me (and legislate to me)
    whom I can and cannot love, Catholics who want to tell me I sin when I use a
    contraceptive,  and most especially Muslims whom adhere to the
    intransmutable words of Allah as laid forth in the Koran – words where under 3%
    of the verses of the Koran show goodwill toward humanity while over 61% of the
    verses speak ill of non-believers and/or call for their conquest –words which speak
    many times of converting the infidel, and if he does not convert,  make
    him pay the jizya (infidel tax), and if he refuses to pay, smite his neck (go
    to any Muslim country and tell me that these are archaic passages which
    mean nothing today) — words which speak of  beat the wife if she
    disobeys, or that a Muslim female’s or an infidel’s testimony is worth half
    that of a Muslim male,  or a female must have four male witnesses to her
    rape (see Sharia court jurisdictions of England).  I do not take Muslims in Dar al-Harb
    (meaning land of War, or, land not yet conquered for Islam) by their spoken word — because
    taquiya, or lying to promote Islam, is compulsory as outlined in the Koran,
    especially in Dar al-Harb — but I do take Muslims on the written words found
    in the Koran and Hadiths, which are a little more detailed than the 
    Cliff-Note “Religion of Peace” Bush tried to force down our throats
    (among other things).   It is
    not a matter of moderate or fundamentalist or “hijacked” Islam.  When
    commenting on the use of the term “moderate Islam” by hopeful, naive
    Westerners, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey said, “These descriptions are
    very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate
    or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” 

    The feelings of the so-called racists (whom are not racists, if we use the term
    racism correctly) in the NY Post article are based on an intolerance for a
    religious philosophy called Islam, a philosophy which, if adhered to, does not
    permit tolerance for infidels, despite what is professed by Islam’s
    spokespersons in nations with Muslim minorities (taquiya in Dar al-Harb)…look to the words of
    Muslims in countries of Muslim majorities to know what Islam is. Which religion
    blatantly outlines in their currently relevant holy texts the subjugation,
    conversion, tax extraction, or  elimination by death of those who do not
    believe as they do?  You will not find this in any currently relevant holy
    texts of  any mainstream religious belief system — only those of Islam. 
    Which religious philosophy regularly issues death fatwas that are effective
    across international borders and whose adherents are obligated to carry
    out?  Can you imagine the Pope
    in Italy demanding the death of Bill Maher in the U.S. for his “blasphemies,” and Catholics plotting to fulfill the Pope’s edict?  Ask the Christians fleeing Iraq since
    Sharia became the basis of Iraq’s Constitution.  Only one third of Iraqi
    Christians remain of what was once in Iraq before U.S. forces withdrew, and
    those numbers are dwindling rapidly as they and their churches are targeted for
    extermination, as is required by Allah.  Ask a Christian in Pakistan or
    Afghanistan about the chances she takes wearing a cross.  Ask why there
    are no bibles or crosses and most definitely no Christian churches in Saudi
    Arabia.  Ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt how they are forced to live. 
    Ask a Christian in the Sudan. Or Indonesia.  I haven’t mentioned the Jews
    because, well, they’ve already been effectively eliminated in these areas.  
    And most reviled are the atheists and apostates.   These are
    facts.  These are results of the
    belief system of Islam. Many Americans do not like these results and many
    distrust those who would adhere to a philosophy which would produce these results.

    Some choose not to hide their head in the sand when it comes to anyone or any
    group whom proclaim themselves the self-anointed arbiters of morality and
    punishment — including religious and political totalitarian systems — including people whom automatically
    and sneeringly fling the word “racist” to shut down the conversation,
    especially when race doesn’t even enter into it.    Many chose
    not to hide their head in the sand in the case of the  TSA agent with the
    Islamic sounding name who allegedly did not know his metal detector was not
    plugged in for hours.  There is a time for tolerance, but there is also  a time for wariness when in the
    presence of others who potentially do not adhere to tolerance ideals.   Taken on their own, the elements of A, B, and C in
    this story may be inert…but when combined instantaneously with such
    astonishing results,  it should fire up one’s societally kowtowed
    skepticism and critical thinking skills to wonder of the
    possibilities/improbabilities and demand an investigation to let the truth be
    revealed, whatever it may be. 


    The puerile jokes made by some on that NY Post thread do not
    negate the fact that people who cherish liberty and equality are on to what
    Islam is about, as they can see what is happening in Muslim countries
    (especially the fact that each and every free democratic election held in a “newly
    freed” Muslim country, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt has resulted in
    Muslims voting Sharia into their Constitutions or voting in candidates who
    vowed they would make Sharia the basis for their constitution).  People can also see what is going on in
    Europe, central Africa, Australia, Thailand, India, and here as the percentages of Muslims grow in Dar
    al-Harb.  It is not racism, it is not small-mindedness which form the basis of these judgments.  It is the rational, researched, glaringly harsh, historically and factually-based,
    politically incorrect, truth seeking philosophy called realism which prompts these suspicions.

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