So yesterday I posted about sloppy reporting about an American Airlines flight with engine trouble. Today’s gripe? The irresponsible headline “Could Your Plane Be Shot Out Of The Sky By Lighning Strike?”. Why irresponsible? Think about it.

Thanksgiving and the Winter holiday season are some of the busiest travel times for families. And with fewer planes in the sky, there’s more and more people jammed onto existing flights. So it’s now Christmas Eve, when so many families have flown to be with loved ones, and io9 decides to run that headline.

Hey io9? How about you just run the headline, “Have Fun Now, Because This May Be Your Last Holiday If You Die In A Fiery Ball Of Flame On Your Flight Home!”

What’s worse? After reading this article, your damned annoying loved ones may never leave! Ugh!

By walterh

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