Okay, so we all know there’s stuff out there about our world that we really don’t want to know, or have confirmed on a regular basis.  Like the pink slime that they turn into chicken nuggets sold for cheap in frozen foods sections or at fast food restaurants.  Or that we turn raw sewage back into drinking water.  Or even that kissing your partner gives you white blood cells from your partner, who start attacking your own cells as soon as they enter your body.

In that same realm of thought, I always knew that there were “runway incursions” on a regular basis – but I didn’t want it quantified for me!  But that’s what happens in this article.  Quoting:

Airplane collisions on the ground occur “occasionally,” Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport spokesman Gregory Meyer told the Sun-Sentinel. “At FLL I would say we have aircraft-to-aircraft contact several times a year, usually minor damage.”

Blah…  Don’t tell us that!  I mean, we know… But still!

By walterh

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