Where the ‘Mac vs. PC’ debate sits with hotels

This is one of the strangest travel-related stories that I’ve read in a while.  Seems that Orbitz has decided, if you’re using an Apple computer to browse their website, you’re going to be presented with more expensive hotel rooms.  Why?  Because Orbitz has found that if you’re a Mac user, you’re more apt to play for an upgraded hotel room than a regular one.

Apparently Mac users (average household income $98,560), when choosing the same hotel as a PC users (average household income $74,452), will choose an upgraded room.  This is some strange stuff going on here…

So beware – if you’re going to get a hotel room and are on an extreme budget, don’t use a Mac to book your trip.  At least not on Orbitz!

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Good roundup of TSA shenanigans

While work’s been…odd as of late, I haven’t had a lot of time to post.  Plus I’ve been home for 3 weeks (the longest I’ve been home for 8+ years).  But I’ve been keeping up with most of what’s going on out there with regards to the TSA crap – the backscatter porn cum cancer machines, and the new “I’m gonna touch your junk” searches.  One of the best articles that keeps most of these stories in one place can be found over here at Shakesville.

What you (probably) haven’t seen, though is what Secretary of State Clinton said.  Yes, she towed the line of it being “a necessary evil.”  But she also said she’d avoid a TSA patdown.  Score one for our side.

I kinda regret that Portland International doesn’t have these cancer machines yet, just so I can opt out, scream “Don’t touch my junk”, and file criminal charges against the TSA agent that touched me.

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OMG! Now we KNOW what happens to your luggage

Work is hell.  Travel is hell.  Travel is hell on your bags.  And now, this.

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Leveling the playing field

So we’re going to hit a new feature here called “F’d Up Issue of the Week”, and will be honoring some sort of travel related news story *the* most fucked up in all of traveldom.  But before we can start looking at this week, I want to honor three exceptionally stupid things that travel companies have done:

You know, we can each do our part to help airlines be more efficient, etc. But these business decisions are just CRAP!  Congratulations to the “If AirSnark.com were in business when this crap occurred, we’d have awarded you a douchetastically appropriate prize” winners!

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Welcome to Air Snark!

I started Air Snark after a liveblogging a flight from ATL to PDX. Man, that was a lot of fun! Mostly. Ugly naked husband video chat from the lady sitting next to me, political blogging from my seat, and workerbees continuing their office work – all from 42,000 feet.

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