Okay, so there’s a developing story out of Nashville that Senator Rand Paul has been detained because he refused to go through the full porno-patdown.  From my research, it appears that Nashville has the full body scanners, though I don’t know if they are the backscatter radiation kind or the milliwave radiowave kind (though both give naked porno images of every person that goes through them).

If it turns out that Senator Paul is able to get through the Nashville airport without going through either a body scanner machine or getting a full body patdown, I AM GOING TO RAISE HELL!

UPDATE: So it appears that Rand Paul went through the body scanner and set something off.  He refused the patdown, and wasn’t let into the secure area of the airport.  He got another ticket and went through the body scanner again, and this time didn’t set it off.  For someone that is a libertarian, Rand Paul sure as hell shouldn’t be in support of the body scanners.  I protest their existence by opting out of their use and forcing the TSA to do a search of my person.  Still unconstitutional (Hello 4th amendment and all your talk of unreasonable search and seizure!), but it’s my own little form of protest.

By walterh

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