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The “ugly girl”?
By: Date: May 5, 2010 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , ,

Wow.  You know, for all that is wrong with US Airways, it’s weird that the CEO of Continental apologized for calling them “the ugly girl”.  I mean, there is honestly so much more that could be used.  First off, they’re not called US Scareways for nothing.  Sure, they have the hero, Sullenberger.  But every time…

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F’d Up Issue of the Week ending 04/24/10
By: Date: April 26, 2010 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines,Airports,F'd Up Issue of the Week Tags: , , , , ,

This week’s winner for f’d up issue of the week is actually something behind the scenes.  Let me paint the picture, using my own horror stories from the past weekend, and you’ll understand what I mean. Chicago O’Hare. Famous for delays and such, right? Move in a little bit of weather, and one of the…

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I know I don’t run an airline…
By: Date: April 20, 2010 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines,Airports Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

…and I don’t know all of the regulations that exist country to country about flight termination, carrying within another country, etc.  I do know how it works here in the United States, though.  A foreign carrier can fly between two US destinations, but they cannot pick up anyone at the first destination to take to…

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F’d Up Travel Story of the past week – 04/17/10
By: Date: April 19, 2010 Categories: Air Travel

Does it come to anyone’s surprise that the F’d up travel story of the week is the Icelandic Volcano?  I mean, this thing has been wreaking havoc with air travel, albeit air travel from most of the European continent, and travel to/from the United States.  Thankfully, there is little fallout – if any – for…

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Nice work, TSA. Confuse the public, like usual
By: Date: April 14, 2010 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , ,

OMFG.  Like piss-seat wheelchair Grannie isn’t already confused enough, but the TSA has to go through and confuse people even more.  What else is new? So the Apple iPad has been acquired by quite a few people, and they’re showing up in people’s bags for travel.  People already don’t know how to deal with their…

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Just fitting for AirSnark – Survey of the 11 worst airlines
By: Date: April 13, 2010 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Oh, what a snarky way to start the morning.  Huffington Post has put together a survey of “America’s 11 Worst Airlines” based on the 2010 Airline Quality Ratings.  The authors of the study do state that airline service has gotten better over the last year.  Here’s my take on the listings: #11, US Airways: I…

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Are all mainstream airlines run by morons?
By: Date: April 12, 2010 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , , , , , , ,

That’s what I think, especially when it comes to the “flying standby” thing.  Let me lay the groundwork here. First, there was 9/11, and nobody wanted to fly.  Airlines parked planes in the desert.  Then more economic downturns, and again, more planes parked in the desert.  Things were steady for a little while, and then…

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What if there was a security breach at an airport, but TSA didn’t care?
By: Date: April 8, 2010 Categories: Air Travel,Airports Tags: , , , ,

Just happened right in front of me here at GRR (Grand Rapids Airport). Interesting.  Actually, not interesting.  Maddening is more like it. Me: Um, there’s a guy that just walked up the “exit only” area. TSA Agent: I wouldn’t worry about it. Probably just one of us. Me: No, he had a bag. He’s a…

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Welcome to Air Snark!
By: Date: April 8, 2010 Categories: Air Travel Tags: , ,

I started Air Snark after a liveblogging a flight from ATL to PDX. Man, that was a lot of fun! Mostly. Ugly naked husband video chat from the lady sitting next to me, political blogging from my seat, and workerbees continuing their office work – all from 42,000 feet. Share this: Print Email Twitter Google…

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