So skimming the headlines today, there’s the normal stuff about the oil spill in the Gulf, some cool stuff about Emirates taking their total number of A380s up to 90, and the rest of the stuff.  Then I got to this headline:

As capacity falls, people find more joy in flying

My first reaction was, “What the hell?”, followed by a quick, “No way!”.  You see, the reason I say this is – well – maybe I see the snarky side of air travel in general, because I travel all the time.  Look at Facebook postings; when Alaska Airlines posted a comment on Facebook about upcoming meal changes (nicer meals, better options, etc), a good number of the respondents said something to the effect of, “I’m already paying too much.  I should get a free meal!”, etc, etc.  And of course images of cots in O’Hare, the plastered “DELAYED” signs all over airport flight screens, etc are all fresh in my head.  It just freaks me out that, with all of the capacity cuts and nightmare stories of people trapped on planes overnight, and hell, even the three passengers lately that have fallen asleep on the plane and been left by the crew.  And people are finding joy in flying?

Oh well.  At least congratulations are in order for my favorite, Alaska Airlines, in topping the traditional carrier charts in the survey, and JetBlue for topping the LCC segment!

By walterh

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