Month: June 2011

Hey Delta – want to make us happy?
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I understand the Middle East is a hotbed of religion and stuff nolvadex tablets online.  But religion and business should never mix.  Ever.  That’s why I think Delta should tell Saudi Arabian Airlines to FOAD, then not enter the joint partnership.  Let me explain. Delta is the main carrier for Skyteam in the US.  It’s…

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There’s a reason they’re called “You Suck Airways”
By: Date: June 22, 2011 Categories: Air Travel,Airlines Tags: ,

Jesus Christ on toast.  So US Airways gets their panties in a bunch because one of their PAYING passengers boards one of their planes with his pants saggy.  He wasn’t uncovered; he just had the stupid-ass style of having baggy pants hanging off his hips so you could see his underwear.  No skin showing –…

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A New Reason To Hate Southwest Airlines
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Okay, so Southwest doesn’t have the absolute best reputation out there.  Sure, they’re the low-cost carrier of choice for cattle-car service.  But they’ve had quite a number situations that’ve left them with a bad taste in travelers mouths.  You know.  Like the whole Kevin Smith “too fat to fly” controversy.  But his was just the…

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Are you f’ing kidding me?
By: Date: June 21, 2011 Categories: Airlines Tags: ,

So yesterday, they announced Spirit Airlines was going to start coming to my home airport, Portland, Oregon.  Okay, so now I get to make fun of them in person. But this new news is beyond crap.  Now they’re going to start charging a fee to check in at the airport.  $5 to check in with…

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