Okay, so Southwest doesn’t have the absolute best reputation out there.  Sure, they’re the low-cost carrier of choice for cattle-car service.  But they’ve had quite a number situations that’ve left them with a bad taste in travelers mouths.  You know.  Like the whole Kevin Smith “too fat to fly” controversy.  But his was just the latest of Southwest’s crappy behavior.

There is, however, a silver lining.  It may not be that passenger next to you that Southwest threatened if they encroached on your seat to beware of.  It may be your pilot.

Seems some pilot who A) is a pig and B) obviously hasn’t been laid in years and C) has such an ugly personality that I don’t care if he looks like the lovechild of Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman, he has such an ugly soul, went on the radio – you know, that little communication device that pilots use to talk to the control towers so they don’t, I don’t know – run into each other on the ground and in the air – and went on an anti-gay, anti-anyone who isn’t a bimbo tirade, complaining that Southwest isn’t hiring enough bimbos for him to date.


So yeah, he didn’t do it on purpose.  He just accidentally kept his microphone keyed so that others couldn’t use his frequency.  I know I do that whenever I want to go on an anti-gay, anti-anyone who isn’t a bimbo tirade.

Good news is Southwest figured out who he was and suspended him.  Bad news is, he still actually has a job.  You think this guy is going to keep it?  He probably will, though really he shouldn’t.  Southwest calls the situation “a family issue”.  Yeah, well, you got a sick fuck in your family, Southwest.  Time to dump his ass.  Besides him being an idiot, he endangered anyone who was in the air departing or landing at Houston Hobby, and anyone on the ground.  Why not – I don’t know – fire him and give him to some misogynistic republican candidate for President to fly for?  At least there he’ll be flying with “family values” people who actually believes the same things he does.

And a shout-out to any Southwest flight attendants out there: Fly with this guy, and give him a cup of scalding hot coffee from me.  In his lap.

By walterh

2 thoughts on “A New Reason To Hate Southwest Airlines”
  1. Southwest Airlines Follies: My wife and I were charged $143 apiece for changing our return flight (#3917 LAS to LAX). That is a rip-off. When I expressed my angst the flummoxed ticket agent (LAS/CSA Naomi G. emp#16965) refused to complete transaction, and abandoned her post (position #20) leaving my wife and I stranded at the ticket counter for twenty minutes before I was able to get the attention of a supervisor to complete the transaction. Naomi just walked away and left position#20 unmanned. Naomi and her lack of courtesy and professionalism is a poor poster child for Southwest Airlines. And you call yourselves the “Luv airline.” Phooey.

  2. This is honestly how customer service is these days.  I hear your story all too often.  Hell, I had a run-in with the TSA yesterday where they basically did the same thing!  Talking to a supervisor, they just turned and started talking to another person and dismissed me without a word – when I was in the middle of a sentence!

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