Jesus Christ on toast.  So US Airways gets their panties in a bunch because one of their PAYING passengers boards one of their planes with his pants saggy.  He wasn’t uncovered; he just had the stupid-ass style of having baggy pants hanging off his hips so you could see his underwear.  No skin showing – just his underwear.  So he gets pulled off the plane and arrested.

Days before, however, US Airways had welcomed aboard a guy who flew wearing little more than women’s underwear.  No problems.  This man, like the man before, wasn’t showing any inappropriate skin.  Actually, he was showing more skin than the baggy-pants guy.  But no problems with him.

Either way, US Airways should have STFU and stayed out of people’s business.  What’s unwritten?  The arrested guy was a young black male.  The women’s underwear guy was an older white male.

But there’s no prejudice there.  No.  None whatsoever.


By walterh

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