Okay, so I’m working nights this week.  I usually work nights, given the chance, since it’s quieter.  We just did a major software upgrade, and I’m supporting the hospital, making sure things are running smoothly.

As usual, I put my “Do Not Disturb” sign out on the door.  When I put the sign out, I mean, “Dear Housekeeping Staff,  No, I don’t want my room cleaned.  I want to be left alone.  Thanks!”

But did you know that, when you put your “DND” sign out, that they freaking CALL YOU to first tell you they saw your DND sign out, and second, do you want service?  I’m sorry, but when did “Do Not Disturb” turn into “Let me call you in the middle of your sleeping period, wake you up, and rattle on inanely because I think I want to clean your room now, rather than later, and wouldn’t that be nice?”.  UGH.

Seriously.  I liked it when DND meant don’t disturb me at all.  Not this new “I’ll call you just to make sure you don’t want to be disturbed” bullshit.

By walterh

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