Damned body scanners!

So most people have heard of it, but if now, here’s an awesome video that someone put together to show just how easy it is to get ANYTHING past the new TSA porno scanners!

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Why I Love the State of Alaska

Last year there was an Alaska State lawmaker that got “randomly selected” to be porno-groped while going through security.  And when I say porno-grope, I mean it.  I’ve gotten farther with TSA agents than with some dates I’ve had.

But I digress.

Representative Sharon Cissna of Anchorage has sponsored at least 4 bills with the TSA in her sights.  One of them is radiation warnings (because we know that the backscatter radiation – by the TSA’s own admission – causes about a dozen cases of cancer per year), but the biggest one is one that will criminalize any invasive patdown done in the name of the TSA.  Cissna, a breast cancer survivor, knows what it’s like to have her life choices taken out of her hands – and the TSA does that on a regular basis.

My favorite quote of hers is:

“Those aren’t pat-downs,” Cissna said of TSA procedures. “It was a feel-up. I did not experience a pat-down”

And this is after 2 pat-downs in a few months.  Personally I have to go through them twice a week in order to bypass the cancer causing porno machines.  And I totally support her fight to get Alaskan airports to give the TSA requirements the boot!

Go get ’em, Sharon!

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TSA Run-in, Anyone?

So you know that I’ve been pretty snarky when it comes to run-ins with the TSA.  Sometimes the agents surprise me and are just as wary of the scanners, or start up with a joke, so it’s good.  But more often than should be, they’re angry, bitter people.  When I said I didn’t respect the body scanners, one agent put his hands on his hips and said, “Well then why don’t you write a letter to your liberal president and tell him.”  Petulant, much?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I floated the idea of, then implemented a website where people can share their run-ins with the TSA.  Just yesterday I had a doozie in the Portland, Oregon airport and blogged about it over here.  And if you have a story you want to tell, you can as well.  We have a form over at TSANightmareStories.com that you can anonymously submit your own stories (click on this link) or you can just read through other stories the traveling public has been put through.

Join in!

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Developing: Sen. Rand Paul Detained at BNA

Okay, so there’s a developing story out of Nashville that Senator Rand Paul has been detained because he refused to go through the full porno-patdown.  From my research, it appears that Nashville has the full body scanners, though I don’t know if they are the backscatter radiation kind or the milliwave radiowave kind (though both give naked porno images of every person that goes through them).

If it turns out that Senator Paul is able to get through the Nashville airport without going through either a body scanner machine or getting a full body patdown, I AM GOING TO RAISE HELL!

UPDATE: So it appears that Rand Paul went through the body scanner and set something off.  He refused the patdown, and wasn’t let into the secure area of the airport.  He got another ticket and went through the body scanner again, and this time didn’t set it off.  For someone that is a libertarian, Rand Paul sure as hell shouldn’t be in support of the body scanners.  I protest their existence by opting out of their use and forcing the TSA to do a search of my person.  Still unconstitutional (Hello 4th amendment and all your talk of unreasonable search and seizure!), but it’s my own little form of protest.

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TSA Gone Wild!

That’s what they need to be called.  Not Transportation Safety Administration, but TSA Gone Wild!  Why?  Okay, so there’s already the 85 year old grandmother who was stripsearched.  Now comes word that the TSA detained a pregnant teenager because her purse had the design of a gun on it.

Not an actual gun.  But the design of a gun.  Here it is:

The teenager was so detained and harassed that she missed her flight, and the airline had to reroute her to Orlando (from Jacksonville), making her mother drive about 150 miles to go pick her up.

WTF is up with the TSA?  And the holiday travel season isn’t even on us yet; it can only get worse.

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I knew the TSA was bad, but…

strip-searching an 84 year old woman who can’t walk without the assistance of a walker?  WTF is this world – scratch that – WTF is the TSA coming to?  Are we all going to have to fly naked next?

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The TSA Prefers Women

Okay, so not exactly.  Maybe I should say the TSA just hates men more.  At least here in Phoenix.

I’ve been going through Terminal 2 of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport for a few weeks now.  And I’ve noticed a trend.

So like I said before, the Phoenix airport has the porno scanners over here.  They still do have the magnetometers, but they’re really rarely used.  The only time that they’re used?  The one requirement that apparently every single person who’s allowed to use it must have a vagina.

Yes, you heard me.  You have to have a vagina.

I’ve been watching pretty closely, and it appears that every 4th through 6th person is allowed to skip the porno scanner, and allowed to go through the magnetometer.  I’ve seen about ten people over the last few weeks allowed to go through the magnetometer, and nine of them have been women.  The one man that was allowed to go through?  He was carrying an infant.

Isn’t that discriminatory?  I mean the TSA is pretty f’d up as it is.  But if they’re only “randomly” picking women, isn’t that discriminatory and sexist?  And when that one woman with a weapon gets through because of this, will the TSA have yet another knee-jerk reaction like always?  Yes.  Absolutely.

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Add PDX to the Porno Scanner List

I flew out of Portland International yesterday, and was really unhappy to see that the porno scanners have been installed, at least at the ABC checkpoint.  A couple of things.

  1. Like I posted before, the technology these machines use has not been proven to be safe for commercial use.
  2. There are only 3 scanners for the busiest security checkpoint for the airport (the ABC gates clear passengers for nearly 65% of all PDX departures, with the top 3 airlines – Southwest, Alaska, and Horizon accounting for more than 50% themselves).

This is crap.  The machines aren’t safe, for the traveling public, nor for the TSA agents that are forced to stand next to them for hours at a time.

I think I’ll print out a few dozen copies of the Mashable article and leave them around the airport.  That, and obstruct their use at every chance.

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Backscatter Machine Information

This is pretty incredible.  Mashable.com took on “The Science Behind Airport Body Scanners” and did a pretty good job at explaining them.  It’s a pretty damned good article, and you should read it.  But if you only read one sentence, it’s this:

No conclusive studies have been conducted that confirm that backscatter X-ray security scanners are safe for commercial use.

That right there is reason enough for the traveling public to demand that these dangerous machines be shut down and removed from use.  Never mind the privacy concerns.  Never mind anything else.  These X-ray backscatter systems have not been proven to be safe for the traveling public, and put us all at risk!  The group EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) has sued the TSA to stop these machines from being used.  Maybe we should all get behind them – forcefully!

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Update on Yukari Miyamae

Lots of groups have cropped up on Facebook to help Yukari Miyamae, the woman who “groped back” a TSA agent, and was arrested for sexual assault.  Most importantly, there is a legal defense fund set up for Yukari.  Here it is: http://causewayllc.com/yukaridefense.html

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